Food Catering in Singapore – An Interview with QQ Catering

 A Quick Interview with QQ Catering

We have a major treat for you here today; an exclusive interview with QQ Catering! QQ Catering provides food catering in Singapore. In this interview, QQ Catering were asked five questions. Let’s see how they managed to answer them!

What Caused You to Become so Famous?

Actually, it was through the help of our dear customers! We started out as just a tiny catering business with a few customers here and there. We learned quickly what was required of us in order to make our customers happy. We provided food and drink to people in an efficient manner, always on time; and in return we got many highly rated reviews. Because of these reviews the name QQ Catering grew and grew.

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Why do You Think Your Online Menu is so Popular

Well, there are two main things that make our online menu so popular. One of those things is the ease with which one can navigate the menu. Though it looks professional and well set out, it is still very simple and easy to follow. You won’t ever hear of someone getting lost in our menu! The second thing is our variety. Our menus have a variety of different foods. We have different menus set out depending on people’s preferences. We have an international menu for those who prefer foreign foods; we have a healthy menu for those who prefer to avoid carbs and have a nutritious meal; and many others. We also have a customizable menu for those who prefer to pick each individual item they wish to order. Our menu caters to everyone! Pardon the pun!

How do You Keep Up With so Many Customers?

salmonWe have a fool-proof system that allows us to keep track of each and every customer. Because of this system, we are able to let our staff know well in advance what they are to cook and where it is to go. Thanks to this, we have managed to stay on top of things for years. Our system also contains an emergency service group which we have standing by at all serviceable times. The emergency service group is capable of preparing and delivering food within three hours of order purchase!

How do You Handle All the Competition?

We handle the competition simply by respecting them. We don’t treat our fellow food caterers as our enemies. There is no way that QQ Catering could accommodate every customer in Singapore! We’re kept busy with the customers who come to use, while they are kept busy with their own customers. All we have to do is make sure we keep our food tasting great and our servicemen and women staying strong to the phrase, “The customer is always right!”

What Would You Say is the Most Important Part of Catering?

Well, assuming for the moment that the importance of the customer is a different matter, then the most important part would be the cooling of the food. Regardless of whether your service is good or you dishes are plated perfectly; if your food tastes bad, then you’re done. You can’t recover a business that continuously cooks poor quality food. Until your food quality is brilliant, you don’t have a hope at all! The other parts of catering, such as service and plating are also very important. You really need all of them in order to be successful. However, the basis of catering is the food itself, right? So that is the thing that requires the most attention, in our opinion.

Well, There You Have it!

That concludes the interview with QQ catering. There is a lot of good information in here! Anyone who is new to catering or planning to start up sometime soon should really take heed of the things they have had to say here. Food catering in Singapore just got a whole lot more real! But if there’s one thing in here that I would say is a gold mine for any businessman or woman, that is the phrase, “The customer is always right!”

What is the Point of Being a Food Critic?

What is the Point of Being a Food Critic?

A food critic’s job is to taste foods at various restaurants and write about them. They are the eyes, mouth, and nose of the food inspection industry. A food critic must check a restaurants food for a number of different things; quality, aesthetics, and taste. After checking for these things, the food critic then needs to write a review about the restaurant. Let’s look into this in a bit more detail, shall we?

Checking for Quality

One of the most important things about being a food critic is knowing where the food came from; meaning whether it is fresh or canned. Any restaurant serving canned food is likely to warrant a negative review. Upon sampling the food of a restaurant, a critic should be able to determine the level of quality provided. The quality of food has a number of factors ranging from freshness of the food to the sanitation of the cooking itself. If the food seems to be contaminated or off in any way, this will reflect very poorly in the critics review. If the quality checks out the critic can relax a little and move on to the next thing they need to inspect.

Checking for Aesthetics

well plated foodOn top of the quality of the food, a critic also needs to pay attention to how the food looks. If the food is plated in the sort of way you would expect to see in a regular home, the critic will likely note this in their review. Not only is the plating of food to be critiqued, but also the restaurant itself. If the restaurant looks old or tacky, the critic will also take note of this. As long as the restaurant is clean, neat, and their food looks great, the critic will have nothing to worry about in regards to this section of the inspection.

Checking for Taste

After the critic has checked for quality and aesthetics, they need to taste the food. The food itself is the pinnacle around which the restaurant stands. If the other two sections are poor, the critic will have some negative comments; but if the food is poor, what is there left for the critic to be positive about? A critic must be incredibly picky with the foods they try. A restaurant is expected to have the ability and professionalism to comprise and delivery a fantastic dish or dishes to each and every customer that walks in. If the restaurant can’t do that, then it is unlikely that the critic’s review will make much difference. If people don’t like the food, then a negative review of the food will do nothing but fuel the fire of those who are already unhappy.

Food critic

Write a Neutral Review

The critic must write a review that is entirely honest in every way. They cannot make exceptions for anyone, whether they know them personally or not. Each and every review must be subjective and cover all the above points. This is the primary purpose of a food critic!

Delicious British Snacks

Delicious British Snacks

Every country has their own unique group of snacks. No matter where you go, you will always find amazing and unique snacks. Britain is no different. While many people may think that all Caucasians eat the same style of food, this is not the case. American food and British food is quite different. Britain has a large assortment of snacks that are not even found anywhere in America!


AeroAero is a wonderfully flavoured chocolate snack. The inside is filled with air bubbles containing various flavours. The most common flavour is mint, but there are a number of others as well. The combination of this flavour with the chocolate just melts in your mouth! Absolutely delicious!


FlakeAnother famous chocolate snack from Britain is the Flake. This chocolate is purely chocolate with no added centre. The uniqueness of this chocolate Flake is that it is made up of strands of loosely connected chocolate ‘flakes’. This way when you take a bite out of a Flake, the strands break apart and melt in your mouth, giving you a soft, rich flavour that will stay in your mouth for quite some time. It is a tradition in Britain to place one of these chocolate Flakes into ice cream; this is both aesthetically pleasing as well as a delicious combination. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and ice cream!

Kinder Surprise

Kinder SurpriseYet another chocolate snack; are you seeing a pattern? This one is great for both children and adults alike! A kinder surprise is shaped like an egg but hollowed out in the middle. After you eat through the chocolate egg you will find the surprise; a cute little toy! A kinder surprise tastes delicious! If you are a father, just suggest to your wife that you will buy a toy for your toddler. She won’t suspect a thing! (Well, unless she’s seen them before.)

Walker’s Crisps

CrispsCrisps, or potato chips depending on where you are from, are very popular in Britain. One of the more unusual of these is the Walker’s Shrimp Cocktail crisp. The flavour profile was literally taken from a 1970s cocktail party, merging the cocktail flavour with shrimp. As for how or why this worked, nobody really knows! The important thing is that it did and they taste amazing!


RibenaRibena is actually a snack-like beverage. Made primarily of blackcurrants, this drink is loved by most if not all British people! Have a sweet taste with a sour kick to it makes it quite unique. Regardless of the fact that it is quite different from most snack-like drinks, it still has a brilliant taste that is hard to hate!

Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Salt and Vinegar CrispsHeading back to the crispy side of things, an extremely popular flavour of crisp in Britain is salt and vinegar. These crisps are salty, but not overly so thanks to the vinegar contained within. The combination of flavours leaves you desperate for the next crisp; however, by the time you’ve downed a bag you’re going to need a large glass of water!


Different Tastes Around the World

Different Tastes Around the World

No matter where you go in the world, you will always find different and unique flavours! Even just passing across the border from one country to the next, not more than a few miles apart you will find foods that are completely different to those you had on the other side. In this article we are going to look at a few specific dishes that have very unique tastes from various countries. Let’s get started!

El Pobre Nigiri

El Pobre NigiriThis dish is actually a combination of Peruvian and Japanese dishes. It is comprised of Wagyu steak with a quail egg on tops sitting above a bed of rice. It may only be a small dish, even just bite sized; but it will still give an explosion of flavour in your mouth! If you want to try this dish, then head on over to Peru!

Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Cacio e Pepe PastaCacio e Pepe pasta is a very simple dish, originating in Italy. It has only three ingredients; pasta, olive oil, and Pecorino cheese. Normally, you would also sprinkle some ground black pepper on top as well. Even though it is so simple, the resulting flavours are absolutely amazing! So get yourself a ticket to Italy and give this authentic Italian dish a try!

Pan Con Tomate

Pan Con TomateFrom the country of Spain, the Pan Con Tomate is essential for almost any Spanish meal. The base is comprised of a lightly toasted baguette rubbed with garlic and a sprinkling of olive oil. The topping is mostly grated tomato with some sea salt mixed into it. This dish is known as a Catalan tapa and is one of the most famous foods from Spain. If you ever find yourself in Spain or an area comprised mostly of Spanish people, you may want to keep an eye out for these tapas!


OystersNow, I know what you’re thinking; oysters are pretty common, right? That may be so, but have you ever tried oysters from the Northwest Pacific region? Places like Seattle, USA, have the most amazing oysters. Taken fresh from the ocean, these oysters are just bursting with flavour! The oysters are cooked by local restaurants shortly after being removed from the ocean; these restaurants cook them to absolute perfection. You won’t find a better oyster in the rest of the world!

Tsukemen Ramen

Tsukemen RamenIn many ways, this Japanese dish is similar to traditional ramen. Tsukemen Ramen is served in two separate bowls. One of the bowls contains dry chewy udon noodles; while the other bowl contains a deliciously flavoured broth with dried fish inside. The idea is to take some noodles with your chopsticks and dip them into the broth, grabbing some fish as you do so. The combination of these two bowls is refreshing and appetizing!

Start Saving Now!

Don’t be content just reading this article! Start saving now and go experience cultural cuisine differences of your own! With enough effort, perhaps you will be writing an article of your own someday!

Live to Eat – or Eat to Live

Live to Eat – or Eat to Live

When it comes to food, there are two kinds of people; those who live to eat and those who eat to live. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences and similarities between the two kinds of people, as well as remove any stereotypical phrases you may or may not have heard. Here we go!

man eating pizza

People who Live to Eat

The people who live to eat are the ones who can’t get enough of food. These people will jump at the chance to eat no matter what time it is. You can wake these people up at 2am and they will forgive you, so long as you have good food for them. Don’t get me wrong; these people will not just eat anything. The food you give them has to be good or else they won’t want it. They are not so concerned with what is healthy and what is not; if it tastes good, they’ll eat it!

Stereotypes Debunked!

Man eatingNow, I am sure a large number of you, when you read the above section of this article, immediately thought about fat or obese people. While this is true of some of these people, it is not the case with them all! There are plenty of people out there who eat five, six, even seven meals a day and still remain fit and healthy! You would be surprised how much someone like Dwayne Johnson eats! He can eat far more than the average overweight person, but he keeps himself fit through exercise. There are many others like this who live to eat, but also take care of themselves!

People who Eat to Live

These people will almost never been seen eating outside of their regular schedule. They will probably have set times during the day for their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-morning/afternoon snacks. These people tend to follow specialized diets and keep track of what they are eating in order to stay healthy. Many people in the world today are capable of doing these things; sadly, I am not one of them!
Eating healthy food

More Stereotypes Debunked!

Again, with this section, you may have been thinking of all those ultra-thin celebrities out there, right? (Or maybe you forced yourself not to because you saw this coming? Smart one, aren’t you?) People who eat to live are not stick thin! Would you like to know why? It’s because people who eat to live are eating the correct dietary requirements for someone of their height and body structure. This means that they end up looking healthy and physically fit. There’s a twist though! There was actually a third group that was not previously mentioned; people who don’t eat in order to look ‘good’. These people are the ones you may have initially thought of; the ones who starve themselves deliberately so that they can be as thin as possible. This is terrible for your health and is not advisable by any means! There’s nothing wrong with dieting, but a diet never means long term starvation of the body. So long as you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to get through the day without also ingesting all the various fats and carbs that cause weight gain, you will find your healthy body type. It doesn’t need to be stick-thin; as long as you’re healthy then you look absolutely perfect!

How to be a Great Amateur Chef

How to be a Great Amateur Chef

Feeling overwhelmed in your new kitchen? Don’t worry; all chefs have been there at some point in their lives! We all start at the bottom and work our way up; that rule includes experience too! That being said, there are things you can learn and do that will make your days as an amateur chef feel all the more professional. Interested? Great, let’s do this!

You Should Know how to Read a Recipe

If you are not already aware that there is an intricate yet simple way in which you can read a recipe, then this section is for you! A recipe is written with two sections; the ingredients list and the instructions. The ingredients list is written in such a way that they are all in the order with which you will be using them. If the first ingredients are butter and minced beef, then those are the ingredients you will need to prepare first. It is imperative that you read through the recipe before you begin following it, just to make sure that you are fully aware of each and every step that is to come. This will restrict the possibility that you make a mistake; none of us like those, do we?

You Should Know how to Slice Vegetables and Meats

There are particular techniques that you should learn in order to be able to slice, dice, and mice vegetables and meats with ease and speed. This also will require a large amount of time and effort. As you gain experience with slicing you will find that your confidence with a knife and your speed with preparing ingredients will improve! Practice makes perfect!

You Should Know how to Season Correctly

SeasoningsSeasoning is imperative for cooking! If you can’t season your food evenly it will not be sufficient in a restaurant! You should be able to measure your seasonings in such a way that you know your food is going to taste good and balanced. Remember, if ever you are unsure about your seasoning, taste it! There is nothing wrong with tasting your own food to make sure it is perfect; in fact, it is recommended that you do! Do remember, though, that when you taste your food, you must follow proper hygiene. Don’t put the same spoon into your soup twice to taste; either wash the spoon or get a clean one for the second taste. Hopefully you will only require to taste tests at most; one to check what needs balancing and a second to make sure it is now correctly balanced.


You Should Know how to Cook Your Various Proteins

Not all proteins can be cooked the same way! You need to know the difference between frying, roasting, searing, sautéing, and any other form of cooking. If the protein is not cooked correctly it will ruin the entire dish! If you learn and master all the ways to cook your proteins correctly, then you will already be on your way to becoming a professional amateur chef!

Why is Indian Food so Famous in the UK?

Why is Indian Food so Famous in the UK?

Indian cuisine is spread throughout the United Kingdom! Many Europeans enjoy a wonderful Indian curry whenever they please; but why is it that Indian food is so popular in the UK? What made Indian food more popular than other cultural foods? There are several historical reasons for why this is the case. It is unknown which of these had the majority of the effect.

Indian food in Uk

India-UK Connections date back to the 1600s

Indian cuisine was already having a slight effect on the UK as far back as the 17th century. The first recorded proof of India’s culinary influence was in 1747 when an English woman wrote a cookbook containing an Indian curry recipe. At this time, it is unlikely that Indian curry was well known throughout the UK; this may, however, have been the first step towards Indian cuisine gaining a foothold in the UK. Given that they have had over 400 years to integrate their cuisine into the UK, it is not all that surprising that Indian food is so famous today. They have had centuries to spread their fame!

Anglo-Indians returning to the UK

Indian CurryIn the 19th century, the Anglo-Indians returned to the UK from their work with the British Raj. Upon returning to their motherland of the UK, the Anglo-Indians brought their love for extremely spicy curries with them. The fact that so many of them returned together caused a need for Indian restaurants to open in order to give these people the option to eat the food which they love most. Since that was still over 200 years ago, it would not be much of a stretch to assume that Indian food has become famous from around this point and onward. This does not mean that all or even most Europeans share their love for Indian food, but it is only reasonable that the food would be famous as you would be seeing their restaurants everywhere you went.

Following World War II

A couple of years after World War II, in 1947, the Indian subcontinent was divided into two to make the countries of Indian and Pakistan. At this time, there was mass-migration from the Indian subcontinent, bringing in even more Indians to the UK. Several more traumatic events happened around this time period causing the mass-migration to last for quite some time. By the time it was over, Indian cuisine was absolutely everywhere! If it was not famous before this time, then it definitely became famous during this mass-migration!

Indian Food in UK

Not as Surprising as We Thought

Yes, it does seem that it was only inevitable that Indian food was to become famous in the UK, based on the three major events over the past four centuries. If a people group live throughout a country or continent for hundreds of years, it is only natural that their chosen cuisine will become immensely famous!

The Best Place to Find the Best Eats in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is filled with a numerous number of wonderful food stops and feature one of the most varied kinds of cuisines. The key to tasting the best cuisines that Hyde Park has to offer is by simply knowing where to go in the city. What most food lovers usually do is to roam around in search for the best Hyde Park restaurants. But more times than often, this can be a hit and miss process; this is because there are still some restaurants in the city that may be worth their hefty price. So if you want to get it right the first dine then read on and find out how you can find the best restaurants that the city has to offer!

If you need assistance in finding the top restaurants in Hyde Park, then the best place for you to go is a this one: This website is an online directory on the best restaurants and food stops in the city. They feature one of the most numerous listings of restaurants and cafes in Hyde Park and even the newest opened food stops in the city. They offer complete information on every featured restaurant online, from the address, online maps, reviews and so much more. Everything you need to know about where to dine, you can find it right here on the website.

So how does it all work? If you want to find a specific restaurant or the best new Hyde Park restaurants, all you need to do is to log on to their website, give some details about the restaurant that you are looking for (e.g. cuisine type. Location, etc.), click and the results will be displayed on your screen in just a matter of minutes! And with the number of restaurants that they have on their website, you are sure to find the perfect place to dine for that special night!

But aside from finding the kind of cuisine that you want, the website can also filter their library for you to give you specific food stops that you are looking for. For those who are on a budget, they have a wide number of restaurants with great value meals that are just as delicious. For those who are looking for the perfect Hyde Park restaurant for a romantic date, then they have a number of wonderful suggestions for you as well. And finally, is not just about pricey restaurants but also feature hole-in-the-wall food stops and those hard to find food treasures in the middle of the city.

So we invite you to discover Hyde Park through its numerous numbers of food stops and Hyde Park restaurants. Now, you can say goodbye to all that roaming around the city, looking for the best restaurant in Hyde Park because with, all you need to do is look for these places online and get the directions that you need. So check out their website today and start enjoying the best that Hyde Park has to offer!