What is the Point of Being a Food Critic?

What is the Point of Being a Food Critic?

A food critic’s job is to taste foods at various restaurants and write about them. They are the eyes, mouth, and nose of the food inspection industry. A food critic must check a restaurants food for a number of different things; quality, aesthetics, and taste. After checking for these things, the food critic then needs to write a review about the restaurant. Let’s look into this in a bit more detail, shall we?

Checking for Quality

One of the most important things about being a food critic is knowing where the food came from; meaning whether it is fresh or canned. Any restaurant serving canned food is likely to warrant a negative review. Upon sampling the food of a restaurant, a critic should be able to determine the level of quality provided. The quality of food has a number of factors ranging from freshness of the food to the sanitation of the cooking itself. If the food seems to be contaminated or off in any way, this will reflect very poorly in the critics review. If the quality checks out the critic can relax a little and move on to the next thing they need to inspect.

Checking for Aesthetics

well plated foodOn top of the quality of the food, a critic also needs to pay attention to how the food looks. If the food is plated in the sort of way you would expect to see in a regular home, the critic will likely note this in their review. Not only is the plating of food to be critiqued, but also the restaurant itself. If the restaurant looks old or tacky, the critic will also take note of this. As long as the restaurant is clean, neat, and their food looks great, the critic will have nothing to worry about in regards to this section of the inspection.

Checking for Taste

After the critic has checked for quality and aesthetics, they need to taste the food. The food itself is the pinnacle around which the restaurant stands. If the other two sections are poor, the critic will have some negative comments; but if the food is poor, what is there left for the critic to be positive about? A critic must be incredibly picky with the foods they try. A restaurant is expected to have the ability and professionalism to comprise and delivery a fantastic dish or dishes to each and every customer that walks in. If the restaurant can’t do that, then it is unlikely that the critic’s review will make much difference. If people don’t like the food, then a negative review of the food will do nothing but fuel the fire of those who are already unhappy.

Write a Neutral Review

The critic must write a review that is entirely honest in every way. They cannot make exceptions for anyone, whether they know them personally or not. Each and every review must be subjective and cover all the above points. This is the primary purpose of a food critic!

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