Food Catering in Singapore – An Interview with QQ Catering

 A Quick Interview with QQ Catering

We have a major treat for you here today; an exclusive interview with QQ Catering! QQ Catering provides food catering in Singapore. In this interview, QQ Catering were asked five questions. Let’s see how they managed to answer them!

What Caused You to Become so Famous?

Actually, it was through the help of our dear customers! We started out as just a tiny catering business with a few customers here and there. We learned quickly what was required of us in order to make our customers happy. We provided food and drink to people in an efficient manner, always on time; and in return we got many highly rated reviews. Because of these reviews the name QQ Catering grew and grew.

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Why do You Think Your Online Menu is so Popular

Well, there are two main things that make our online menu so popular. One of those things is the ease with which one can navigate the menu. Though it looks professional and well set out, it is still very simple and easy to follow. You won’t ever hear of someone getting lost in our menu! The second thing is our variety. Our menus have a variety of different foods. We have different menus set out depending on people’s preferences. We have an international menu for those who prefer foreign foods; we have a healthy menu for those who prefer to avoid carbs and have a nutritious meal; and many others. We also have a customizable menu for those who prefer to pick each individual item they wish to order. Our menu caters to everyone! Pardon the pun!

How do You Keep Up With so Many Customers?

salmonWe have a fool-proof system that allows us to keep track of each and every customer. Because of this system, we are able to let our staff know well in advance what they are to cook and where it is to go. Thanks to this, we have managed to stay on top of things for years. Our system also contains an emergency service group which we have standing by at all serviceable times. The emergency service group is capable of preparing and delivering food within three hours of order purchase!

How do You Handle All the Competition?

We handle the competition simply by respecting them. We don’t treat our fellow food caterers as our enemies. There is no way that QQ Catering could accommodate every customer in Singapore! We’re kept busy with the customers who come to use, while they are kept busy with their own customers. All we have to do is make sure we keep our food tasting great and our servicemen and women staying strong to the phrase, “The customer is always right!”

What Would You Say is the Most Important Part of Catering?

Well, assuming for the moment that the importance of the customer is a different matter, then the most important part would be the cooling of the food. Regardless of whether your service is good or you dishes are plated perfectly; if your food tastes bad, then you’re done. You can’t recover a business that continuously cooks poor quality food. Until your food quality is brilliant, you don’t have a hope at all! The other parts of catering, such as service and plating are also very important. You really need all of them in order to be successful. However, the basis of catering is the food itself, right? So that is the thing that requires the most attention, in our opinion.

Well, There You Have it!

That concludes the interview with QQ catering. There is a lot of good information in here! Anyone who is new to catering or planning to start up sometime soon should really take heed of the things they have had to say here. Food catering in Singapore just got a whole lot more real! But if there’s one thing in here that I would say is a gold mine for any businessman or woman, that is the phrase, “The customer is always right!”

2 years ago