Kitchen nightmares how to avoid bad press

Kitchen nightmares how to avoid bad press

You might try so hard, but you still find bad publicity inevitable even if you maintain high levels of responsibility. The main problem is that one customer who takes their disappointment to social media. The negative image they portray about you or your business easily spreads to your disadvantage. Nonetheless, you can minimize the effects of such damages. Here`s how to avoid bad press.

Keep off Controversies.
A controversy can be easily created by making horrible decisions that end up altering your public image. If the decisions or actions you display are kind of silly, you can be prepared for all the negative comments. You are entitled to your opinions and free speech, but do not misuse this if you want to maintain a positive image. Just be sensible.

Do Not Let Bad be Worse
In case you receive bad press, avoid retaliating with your own attacks. This will make matters worse as you will receive negative comments and insults if possible. This is a sure way of ruining your image, so don`t invite trolls. In case things get worse, you can seek mediator services to help you settle your issues.

Do Something Creative
Outperforming your competitors with creativity will attract people and at the same time erase any memories of a past bad image. Maintaining creativity will also grow your image in a positive way.

Learn to Keep Calm
Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and watch any of your customers’ feedback without responding. If you try to respond to all the negative critiques, you might find yourself in the downward spiral. Instead of battling with words, let your good performance work.

Avoid Blaming
Ensure you always take responsibility whenever possible rather than passing the buck to others. For example, if your customer has a problem with your services or product, accept it if is genuine. After this, you can guarantee them that the mistake would not happen again. This way, you will attract respect and trust.

Learn From Experiences
Whether you are learning from others or from your past mistakes, it all counts to your future endeavours. You will know what to avoid, what to do and how to react towards a bad press situation.

Make use of a Community Manager
The manager will help you track your brand across social media platforms. The manager can also manage your corporate blogs and social media accounts. In case of any disputes, the manager can discuss the way forward with your PR team to cool down matters. The manager and the PR team act as the mediator in such cases.

Plan for Contingencies
A contingency plan will be handy in case the worst-case bad press scenario shows up. With the plan, you will be able to respond easily and sort out a bad press nightmare quickly and effectively.

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